The legal problem

Creating, publishing and collaborating documents within the legal industry are intrinsic. All kinds of formatted paper documents need to be extremely well organised, easy to access and distributed to numerous bodies.

The ILTA 2014 Technology survey and the 2015 Altman Well Flash Survey illustrated that (ref: Nuance)

  • 85% of law firms had not implemented any Data Loss Prevention program.
  • 56% of law firms pay up to three times more for their PDF software than is necessary.
  • 52% of law firms believe that outsourcing legal work will become a permanent trend.
  • 45% of law firms did not have an “ethical wall” in place.
  • 39% of law firms believe that management of their risk / security is their top technology issue.

If the average number of help desk tickets is 1.2 per user per month then the average cost of a help desk ticket is approximately £11.89.

Up to 40% of help desk tickets are printer related, which make the average annual TCO of operating a Windows print server in the region of £4438.94.

A legal document workflow solution together with a secure print release program can help mitigate both cost and risk while streamlining processes and increasing all round security.

Non secure MFP devices can expose confidential information, which in turn may harm the reputation of a law firm and possibly raise compliance issues.

Lack of awareness and visibility surrounding printing of documents will have an impact on your practise with no control over the cost of printing or reporting. This can increase costs to case administration time as well as reduce employee productivity. With employees having unlimited access to all MFP functions budgets are often eaten away.

Paper documents are much harder to track so any lost invoices can also have an effect on profitability, especially where pre-agreed fees are in place.

It is now becoming increasingly common to see law firms adopting secure electronic document and secure print solutions, providing them with the ability to gain jurisdiction of case management workflows and expenses. Sharing and securing confidential documents by utilising solutions to help manage and control these susceptibilities will protect your practise for the lifecycle of your client documents both now and long into the future.

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