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LSN Industry Voices is a series in which our networkpartners give their insight into the legal market.

In this Industry Voice, Andrew Try of ComXo, talks about the importance of outsourcing services to gain efficiencies and advises law firms to adopt new technologies to deliver market differentiation.

What's the biggest or most important thing that law firms will be doing in five years time that they are not doing now?

Law firms will increasingly add value to their offering and move up the value chain by providing services similar to professional service consultancy firms.  This might mean offering solutions around legal services rather than just advice.

What could law firms do to work more effectively with their suppliers in your area?

Law firms should have more faith in outsourcing.  ComXo provide a range of central support services around a core 24 hour switchboard offering and it is often a battle to move clients from a simple out of hours service to a full outsource for calls, conference calling and ground transport management, yet that is where the real effiiciencies are gained.

What law firm client win are you most proud of, and why?

BLP.  We were initially asked to solve a simple out of hours cover issue for their switchboard, but quickly demonstrated how adding additional service modules such as business continuity and voice and data conferencing they could increase efficiencies and rapidly cut costs.  

What could law firms learn from businesses in other sectors, such as yours?

Adoption of technology and innovation is the key to the future.  Technology is changing the world at an extraordinary rate and law firms that use it to innovate will be the firms that understand it, and are able to optimise the opportunities to deliver market differentiation in the future.

What are the top things firms could do to be more efficient/profitable?

Move up the value chain in offering solutions to client’s problems not just advice.  A client is looking for a trusted partner to understand complex situations and then work with them to their best advantage.  The client is often new to the circumstances but to the law firm it is familiar and well-trodden territory.  Guiding the client in areas other than law that add value is where the profits are.  Law firms seem to be the last professional service to move into solutions provision.  Accountants, consultants and financiers have been delivering this for some time and are benefiting considerably. 

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