NetDocuments announces ndMail™, a new productivity standard for cloud email management

NetDocuments, the fastest growing cloud document management platform for lawyers, announced today the release of ndMailTM. Created from the ground up, ndMail makes it possible to manage the client electronic matter file exclusively in the NetDocuments cloud. Relying on machine learning insights from content in the electronic matter file for your client or project, filing recommendations are immediately suggested. ndMail can also map Outlook folders to NetDocuments filing locations.

Year over year, email is a top technology challenge that impacts legal team productivity or increases client risk, as reported by the 2017 ILTA Technology survey. ndMail is a direct response to these challenges:

  • Increase email filing consistency or accuracy
  • Improve matter governance of the electronic file
  • Make email filing easy and simplify global adoption with a no-servers-required deployment

NetDocuments ndMail is setting a new productivity standard for email management with machine learning using existing matter content, a global filing indicator and folder-mapping for mobile filing. 

“ndMail is unlike other email management solutions. It comes pre-loaded with accurate filing predictions leveraging AI technology based on existing matter content and filing behaviors,” stated Bradlee Duncan, Senior Product Manager for ndMail. “ndMail is able to tap into existing NetDocuments platform intelligence to understand both the content within a matter, as well as where an individual most frequently files specific content. This pre-loaded intelligence and seamless installation eliminates the need for a complex deployment scenarios or pre-trained models to generate filing predictions. The time to value for ndMail is immediate.”

“NetDocuments has combined the management and governance of content with content understanding through our ndIntelligence Fabric. We have a clear vision: our cloud-scale, machine learning platform can massively streamline how legal teams will manage the electronic file. ndMail is one example. The next release of our web interface in April is another example of how machine learning will drive productivity,” Peter Buck, VP of Product Strategy at NetDocuments said.

ndMail enters beta in February with general availability in March.

NetDocuments is showcasing ndMail at LegalTech in New York on January 30 – February 1, 2018. Information and demo session details:

For more details about ndMail and to subscribe to product updates please visit:

Please register for the upcoming ILTA webinar on February 14 at 12PM ET, highlighting ndMail functionality and the power and efficiency of predictive global filing. Details and registration at:

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