NetDocuments: The definitive guide to document management

Whether you’re a lawyer or IT professional in a law firm, you have a natural understanding of the threats that surround you. Threats of competition, mistakes in compliance, potential human error and the overall stressful nature of maintaining a successful practice and delivering exceptional value to your clients. Perhaps the biggest threat law firms face today, however, is the possibility of a security breach.

An American Bar Association (ABA) technology survey revealed that nearly 25% of law firms have experienced a data breach.1 Another study found over 100 examples of security breaches within law firms and signs of the challenges around protecting data only growing as cybercriminals continue to target sensitive information.2

It’s clear that if your firm is fortunate enough to not have been the target of cybercrime, it is only a matter of time. This is especially true as lawyers seek out more flexible ways of accessing work to accommodate current customer demands.

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