NetDocuments: Have you moved from on-prem to the Cloud yet?


As a law firm, the last thing you want is to be in the headlines about a data breach. While your IT
team may have standard security measures in place, a private cloud provider ensures you have a
secure environment to store your most sensitive data.

We conduct interviews with each client that implements NetDocuments. The trends we see
of why firms are switching from on-premises software to cloud are clear:

  1. Legal teams are increasingly mobile
    Lawyers the flexibility to work from their phones as they travel between clients, courtrooms and the office. True cloud technology allows legal teams to work the same on their mobile device as their laptop so they never have to slow down.
  2. Working remote is the new trend
    Many cutting-edge firms are planning for a new,  upcoming workforce who do not see value in using precious time traveling into the office when they could be producing. To accommodate, many firms are moving to cloud software that allows lawyers to perform work remotely and securely. 
  3. Cloud has become the standard
    Firms and their clients alike are making the move to cloud software for critical systems and reaping the  rewards—leaving hesitant firms to play catch-up. 
  4. Companies are tired of waiting for bug fixes 
    Cloud software makes it possible to catch bugs  early, fix them quickly and push out fixes  instantaneously to users—alleviating headaches  for IT typically associated with software issues and downtime for service users. 

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