NetDocuments offers integrated e-signing with Scrive

Scrive is pleased to announce a new integration of its eSign service into the NetDocuments cloud-based document and email management platform. 

The Scrive e-signing service offers users the same level of security and reliability they expect when working in NetDocuments. Scrive set the world standard in the quality of legal evidence that is collected and saved with every signed document. The digital seal that protects each document against forgery is based on blockchain technology so that anyone can verify the document’s authenticity independently of Scrive, now and in the future.

Of equal importance, the Scrive service closely aligns with key NetDocuments values: to be “anywhere accessible” and to provide technology that gets out of their customers’ way so they can focus on results and become free to Work Inspired.

“Signing parties can e-sign with Scrive wherever they are, on any device”, says Julia Kristersson, Scrive Platform Partner Account Manager. “Scrive’s many automation features, including the ability to know at the glance the status of the document signing process, eliminates many administrative tasks.”

“Our joint customers will benefit greatly from this integration, especially with the recent need to work away from the office” says Andrew Payne, NetDocuments Partner Manager for EMEA/APAC. “Aligning with eIDAS regulation, our customers can trust Scrive and NetDocuments to offer full compliance for the lifecycle of a document.”

The Scrive app is now available in the NetDocuments App Directory.

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