NetDocuments security FAQ

NetDocuments provides the highest service level agreement for document security, privacy, integrity and high availability to your documents, e-mails and digital records than any service currently available for law firms. In this fact sheet, NetDocuments takes you through a list of FAQs regarding their document and email management service, in relation to security:

Q: Who owns the documents when hosted in your data centers?

A: Your firm owns the documents. We are simply custodians of your documents. Only the firm has access to your documents.

Q: Who will manage my data?

A: You will continue to manage and administer your own data. The creation of users, user groups, document profile data, mass changes, cabinet and workspace creation, policies for security and record retention, and all other administration tasks will be controlled by your staff. The NetDocuments service relieves you from managing and maintaining servers, updating operating systems, updating applica- tion software, capacity planning, security enforcement, and other trivial tasks.


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