New Repstor paper: Seven indisputable reasons to use Office 365 as a matter management platform

Reason 1: It’s where the investment is

Repstor, the ECM adoption company that helps businesses exploit their SharePoint and Office 365 investments, has published a new paper setting out ‘7 Indisputable reasons to use Office 365 as a matter management platform’, challenging legal teams to look at the software they already have (and use every day) before exposing themselves to the expense and upheaval of deploying a dedicated document management system.

As all law firms and in-house corporate legal teams come under pressure to improve efficiency, measure productivity and collaborate more effectively, interest in systematic content management is rising sharply. But as the new Repstor paper makes clear, there is no need to invest in a dedicated, separate system for this when the vast majority of legal professionals already have established office systems they use routinely for sharing matter-related content.

Although, left unchecked, the popular practice of using email to distribute documents can be inefficient – and consume a lot of computer storage – this can be addressed easily using integrated Microsoft partner solutions which introduce new order and transparency to the way matter content is managed.

Reason 1 to default to Office 365 (O365) for matter management, according to the paper, is the sheer momentum around the platform. O365 user numbers are expected to exceed 100 million by the end of 2017, propelled by heavy investment in the platform by Microsoft as well as its cloud partner ecosystem – estimated to be 10 times larger than Google’s. So it’s a robust platform for legal teams to align their routine processes with.

Other arguments include O365’s impressive feature set, made even richer by partner solutions such as Repstor custodian or ES/Unity which among other things add structure and workflow to email content filing. Then there’s the advanced management reporting, and the inherent security controls. And so on.

But probably the most obvious reason legal teams should centre their matter management on O365 is that it they have already invested in Microsoft technology – and, crucially, users are comfortable with it. As the paper makes clear, “By choosing to buy a distinct content management system for legal matters, firms are incurring unnecessary cost and complexity.”



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