Searching in NetDocuments - simplicity and power combined

With NetDocumetns, your knowledge workers will make better, faster decisions by easily finding and analysing accurate business information from across the organisation. The role of search is expanding fast and people expect quick and decisive direction in locating the information they are seeking. And why not, they get it on the web, so why not in the office? NetDocuments NDSearch brings the capabilities of webtype search to the office with simple and easy-to-use search, combined with more inherent power and intelligence than the average office worker has experienced before from any traditional document management and other legacy applications.

Make smarter decisions

As documents, emails, images, records, etc., are created, edited and continued to be collected in a single, Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) secured repository and across the global span of where your knowledge workers reside, the NetDocuments NDSearch engine is always working, indexing and available anywhere, anytime. NDSearch helps you find what you need fast and get to real-time results so you can make smarter and more accurate decisions because you now get to the right information, at the right time--and while on the journey discover even new information.

NDSearch finds the highest quality and most relevant documents for you, as it factors in all the variables for each query. You can then navigate the search results easily and clearly by reading the location of your query in the context of the page, referred to as document “snippets.” Click on the view link to scroll through each document to read its content in an HMTL viewer, or highlight the documents you are interested in, select the “review” feature to not only view the list of documents, but also add comments, group into folders and organise the documents you need for future access and decision-making. Select a document and request to see other similar documents or analye the content by extracting key topics. Save your results as a Category for quick and easy access in the future. The possibilities are endless.

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