Three essential things you never thought your emails could reveal

A picture paints a thousand words - this also holds true in the business world. For instance many of us convert spreadsheets with what appears to look like a meaningless stream of numbers, into charts and graphs. This not only helps uncover key trends but adds value to the information.

The above is just a simple example but with the implosion of information in today’s digital era, we need help in seeing the wood for the trees – a way to mine through what is a lot of unstructured information to unearth the true meaning or context in a clear, logical manner and understand its actual value.

Take your firm’s email exchange server for example. It is the leading business communications platform where hundreds if not thousands of emails are exchanged between employees and clients daily.

How does such amount of information reflect your activity? How can it help your business? If you look at the frequency of exchanges with a customer for example, it shows the strength of the relationship. If you look at the flow of the internal/external email communications, it will reveal who your employees are communicating to – a client? A competitor? The press...?

Download the PDF above for more on intelligent email messaging.

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