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Downloadable and online resources about finance from LSN and our networkpartners.

  • LEAP: Ensuring the long term growth of your law firm - Stay ahead of the curve by staying ahead of the curve

    Your law firm is a business. Like all businesses, growth and profitability is paramount. You want to see your client base grow and your profits increase, year on year. Even more importantly, you don’t want to go backwards just because you are so involved in the business you need to keep your eye on the bigger picture. You may have other goals – opening another office or being recognised as experts in a niche field. Whatever your measure of success, you want it to endure.
  • Balance Secret Series: Getting under the skin of the legal finance profession

    The Balance Secret Series provides an insider view on the realities of working within the different specialist roles that occupy a law firm finance department. These are real accounts from specially selected professionals who have developed highly successful careers within their chosen fields. Under the cover of anonymity, the Secret Series allows you to find out the good, the bad and the ugly....
  • Paragon gives advice on where to start when complying with the new money laundering regulations

    The Money Laundering Regulations 2017 have been in force since 26th June. While the SRA have said that they are taking a proportionate and pragmatic approach as firms take steps to comply with the new requirements, there is no indication of what this means in practice and is likely to be of little comfort if your firm comes under scrutiny.
  • Career Legal: What you need to know about the money laundering regulations 2017

    Finalised in mid-2015, the ‘Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations 2017’ was only just recently approved by parliament and commenced on the 26th June 2017. Despite being aware of it for over two years, firms have only had access to a draft version of its content since March 2017 and as such, have had a notably limited amount of time to prepare for the new regulations.
  • Nasstar: Law firm short-termism - Bad for law firm tech long term?

    I’ve been reading up recently on the growth of the Amazon business and was intrigued by founder Jeff Bezos’ constant refrain that Amazon is a long-term business – in fact he still describes the company as having a start-up mentality. His point is Amazon was never intended to be a get-rich-quick scheme that would yield immediate benefits but one that would develop over years (and decades) into an industry giant.
  • CVAC guide – Job searching

    Recruitment is a major cost for most organisations, taking into account agency and social media fees, staffing, advertising and other overheads. Sourcing candidates with the relevant experience, skill set and culture fit can be a struggle for HR and hiring managers.
  • Deltek: How to create project efficiency while delivering profitability

    Deltek explain how to deliver cost-effective projects that are also rewarding for your financial position.
  • Dun & Bradstreet study: Leveraging data and analytics to pursue the customer experience

    We are deeply embedded into the age of the customer, and the key to survival is data-driven and insights-driven customer obsession. Forrester’s research shows that positive customer experience (CX) correlates to greater increases in revenue and profitability. In February 2017, Dun & Bradstreet commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how enterprises are leveraging data and analytics to drive decisions and strategy in pursuit of customer obsession and the role the CFO plays in achieving that goal. Forrester conducted an online survey of 250 finance executives at organizations with $150 million or more in revenue to explore this topic.
  • Industry interview with Encompass: At one with the fourth

    Wayne Johnson, CEO at Encompass, speaks to LPM about how firms can ensure compliance with the EU’s Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive at a reduced cost
  • Briefing 5P conference 2016 report: Ps and Qs

    marketing & bd
    Pitching teams took centre stage at Briefing 5P 2016 – presenting all they’d learned about the power of pricing, projects, process, and themselves as empowered business services people
  • Dun & Bradstreet webinar recording: The state of enterprise analytics in 2017

    Watch Dun & Bradstreet for a webinar led by Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer of Forbes, to hear the results of our latest research on the state of enterprise analytics. We surveyed a cross-section of CEOs, CMOs, CPOs, CFOs and CAOs to understand the trends powering today’s insight-driven organisations.
  • LPM magazine, Outsource and prosper 2017 supplement

    Our Outsource and prosper supplement, created in collaboration with Pulsant and Mitie Connect, is designed to help SME law firms understand the benefits of outsourced work.
  • Client integration – LPM magazine, July 2017 – Everyone's game

    Though clients once unquestionably belonged to partners, many legal leaders want to shift ownership over to the business as a whole – which creates tension, since a partner’s value rests on his or her client following. But clients should be shared across the business, because as long as they’re ‘owned’ by partners, firms can’t find out what other services they might need.
  • Briefing July 2017: Seize the play

    What can firms learn from transformation of the PwC network?
  • Boston Hale: Could overseas talent be the answer to skills shortages in pricing?

    In our first quarter hiring trends review, we highlighted the need for more senior pricing specialists as firms build out their pricing functions. The message then was to move quickly to secure talent across the board, and this is still very much the case.