LSN London Networking Event has lift off!

Monday night marked our first London Networking Event of 2017, and saw the LSN team return to our second home of The Anthologist on Gresham Street, in the heart of the city, for a night of networking and making connections. After it pouring down with rain for most of the day, what looked like a potential washout of a night ended up being a pleasant Spring evening, full off buzzing conversations and budding relationships.

We welcomed 293 guests in total through the doors on the night, made up of 46 of our amazing networkpartners and sponsors; Balance, Informance and NetDocuments, plus 247 networking-ready law firm attendees. To paint a better picture, we saw 92 different law firms represented in one space … I’m no Picasso, but I think that’s a pretty marvellous picture.

We were fortunate enough to welcome 75 new guests on Monday, and one of our newbies was the lucky winner of the Helicopter flight lesson for two, courtesy of our wonderful prize draw sponsor, NetDocuments.

Hopeful of the summer we might not have in the UK, we threw a beach ball into the crowd for our guests to pass around to help us pick the lucky winner of this fantastic prize. After plenty of impressive catches and a near miss with the ball making a break for freedom through an open door, our adjudicator, Mubashir Mian, professional services consultant at NetDocuments, rang the final bell to unveil the lucky winner. Somewhere in the crowd Nicola Harney, legal project manager at Hogan Lovells was left holding the winning golden beach ball.

Huge congratulations to Nicola on winning this fantastic prize; we hope you learn a lot when you take to the skies… just make sure you navigate your way back in time for our next London Networking Event on Monday 10 July 2017!

Netdocuments winners

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