Fox Entertainment Group establishes collaboration between sales and legal teams by utilising SeeUnity’s fusion content integration product


Salesforce and eDOCS Integration Streamlines Deal Approval Process

The Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox, is an American entertainment company that operates through four segments, mainly filmed entertainment, television stations, television broadcast networks, and cable network programming. The company is wholly owned and controlled by the American media conglomerate 21st Century Fox, which is owned and chaired by Rupert Murdoch, since his company News Corp acquired all the stock of Fox. The transaction was completed on March 12, 2005. The division was part of the renamed 21st Century Fox after it had spun off its publishing divisions into the newly formed “New” News Corporation in 2013 as part of a corporate re-organization.

Challenges Fox Entertainment Group (Fox) is comprised of many corporate divisions and subsidiaries, all with their own unique document management challenges. Fox utilizes an OpenText eDOCS repository (eDOCS) that serves 700 users, houses over 6 million documents within 7 libraries, and supports over 14 application integrations. SALESFORCE INTEGRATION WITH eDOCS The Fox Television Distribution division (TVD) and legal teams wanted to create a centralized, cloud-based system that would allow for detailed visibility into the sales pipeline, establish collaboration between the sales and legal teams, and streamline the deal approval process. The TVD IT group chose Salesforce as their CRM platform. To fully take advantage of this new system, a key requirement was the ability to access the underlying contracts and amendments for all of the customers and accounts. The legal group that negotiated the TVD agreements housed the working agreements in eDOCS, but the fully executed documents were paper copies. 

Solution A scanning vendor was brought in to scan and index the entire file room. Later, those files were ingested into eDOCS. All of the documents had an old Agreement ID from the previous system, which made it easier to tie desired metadata to the agreements. Microsoft’s SSIS was used as the ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool to sync the data to eDOCS. 

For the Salesforce integration, two solutions were needed: an ETL to connect to Force to sync the Salesforce data, and a way to present the eDOCS content in the Salesforce user interface (UI). Fox already had a global license and the infrastructure to support Informatica, so this was used as the ETL. SeeUnity, a longtime development partner for Fox and a technology partner with OpenText, was chosen to provide the integration to connect eDOCS and Salesforce. SeeUnity’s Fusion Content Integration product (Fusion) provides secure access into Fox’s eDOCS repository from within the Salesforce UI with full eDOCS native functionality. 

Benefits With the integration in place, this new process allows attorneys to upload the fully executed agreements to eDOCS and profile the document with the integrated Salesforce Agreement ID, which auto-populates the customer information in Salesforce, their region and territory, and media type. The process creates a relationship between the agreement and Salesforce customer, which is now accessible through the SeeUnity Fusion iFrame in the Salesforce UI. The sales and operational staff can now access and work with any related agreements housed in eDOCS from any tab in Salesforce (Account, Agreement, Customer). The teams can also upload content directly to eDOCS from the Salesforce UI.

“We’re breaking down silos. Giving an executive or a lawyer the ability to quickly research and find information that sets precedents on a very critical decision makes all the difference.” – Michael Burch, Executive Director, Secure Document Management Services, Fox Entertainment Group


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