Developed exclusively for Court of Protection appointed Deputies, deputyCOP is easy to use software that provides valuable help, increasing the speed of OPG form completion for submission to the Office of the Public Guardian.

We offer a very unique application that will help you manage your client details all year round. You simply enter your day-to-day activities and deputyCOP will automatically produce OPG forms in a fraction of the time normally taken at the end of the year, allowing you more time to focus on other tasks and your important daily workload.

  • Secure login portal
  • Client/case management
  • Manages your clients details under the Court of Protection legislation
  • Multiple user access to client files
  • Diary/reminder alerts
  • Set up multiple bank and building society accounts
  • Bank reporting - automated entry of bank/building society transactions
  • Asset maintenance/management (fixed/financial)
  • Super-fast OPG category allocations
  • Quick-reference investment tools
  • Importing files/documents/receipts
  • Exporting data/reports (PDF)
  • OPG forms - 'data missing' alerts
  • Multiple OPG form(s) output

What are the key benefits of the deputyCOP software?

  • Easy analysis of your spending
  • Ease of use - accessible anywhere
  • On-demand and highly scalable - 
    scales up or down based on the activities you undertake
  • Automatic upgrades offering the latest solution features
  • Reduced risk - secure and ready-to-use infrastructure
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements made easier

Locations & contacts

Aaron Walby
Business Development Executive

Gary Shaw
Commercial Director

Phone: 0203 841 5656



Unit 7
Ashton Gate
Ashton Road
Harold Hill