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Enable create innovative software solutions to business problems.
Enable is a leading provider of innovative solutions to law firms.  At Enable we understand that business should always drive technology and that the legal industry can continually improve.  We create agile software solutions to solve the business problems that law firms face.  Our flagship products PitchPerfect and Revenue Manager reflect this belief.
PitchPerfect: With an ever-increasing number of pitch documents being created, law firms need to be able to produce concise, well-structured and clearly articulated pitch content quickly and easily. Making use of Microsoft Office, PitchPerfect automates the creation of high-quality branded and consistent pitch documents. Benefits include:
Creating design quality proposal documents quickly and easily
Customisable tracking and analysis against active and historic pitches
A variety of pitch templates built uniquely to your firm’s branding
Works directly in MS Word and PowerPoint
A centralised content management system in MS SharePoint or O365
Synchronise with other content systems
Logic-based, configurable searching of all content
Accessible by any user, anywhere
Assign tasks and deadlines
"The benefits of PitchPerfect are clear. It will allow us to deliver a more structured process to pitching whilst ensuring we remain consistent following our recent visual identity refresh. This reduced document production time will enable the BD team and fee earners to focus on improving client strategy and personalising the pitch. We have been very pleased with the PitchPerfect project, which has been delivered on time, on budget, and has already proved itself as a real asset to the firm.” Christina Guest, BD and communications director, Ashfords LLP
RevenueManager: Ensuring fee earners always record their activity in a timely and accurate way is the perennial problem of all law firms. 
RevenueManager works with fee earners to support them in accurately completing their time recording capture by proactively assisting them to locate missing time. Should the fee earner fail to record their time then the system will provide escalating warnings and override other applications so compelling fee earners to submit their data. 
Accurate time recording is fundamental to a law firm’s existence both for justifying revenue and where there are fixed costs understanding profitability. As your firm is capturing billable time more promptly and accurately RevenueManager will pay for itself quickly – and many times over.
“Just in partner time lost, we were looking at almost 60 hours a month. RevenueManager pays for itself if you look at the amount of time now saved by partners.” Oliver Banks, head of IT, Clyde & Co

Enable offers services in Microsoft Office template creation, consultancy, project management, implementation and software development.

To find out more about all their products and services, visit their website or email info@enableplc.com.
Website: www.enableplc.co.uk

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