We help ambitious lawyers succeed in the business and practice of law

We provide a comprehensive software ecosystem designed to equip ambitious lawyers with the tools needed to be successful in the business and practice of law.

We have a proven heritage of applying technology to provide trusted solutions that underpin the legal profession, creating assurance and a clear path to securely accelerate business performance and provide a compelling competitive edge.

We understand that technology is just one piece of the investment decision, so we continue to invest in legal, technology and operational experts to ensure that our solutions deliver the experiences that lawyers need to operate successfully, with confidence, and that helps build an outstanding reputation whilst causing minimum disruption to their business.

We believe customer experience is crucial in realising the return on investment. This is why we commit to providing exemplary customer experience through our user communities, cohorts of experts and consultants. Our ongoing market-wide engagement also feeds into our development and design efforts to identify better ways to deliver legal services and improve the user experience of our solutions reducing the friction traditionally associated with deploying and using new technology.

Our solutions are designed to support all types of lawyers, ensuring every lawyer can take advantage of new empowering technology to improve business and professional outcomes.

  • Comprehensive legal software ecosystem
  • Trusted solutions to accelerate business and professional performance
  • Investment in legal and operational expertise to unlock value
  • Commitment to exemplary customer experience
  • Advancing technology development
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