Litera Microsystems

Litera Microsystems is the leading provider of software for drafting, proofreading, comparing, repairing and cleaning documents in the worldwide legal industry. Our core products optimise all stages of the document production lifecycle, improving content quality and formatting, identifying errors and inconsistencies, mitigating risk, and enhancing document production efficiency for legal industries. Litigation Companion ensures litigators have the competitive edge, speeding up the identification and review of document errors by up to 90 percent. Contract Companion reduces liabilities for clients and firms by identifying contract language errors, and comprehensively assesses the “legal health” of your documents with one click. DocXtools™ enhances firms’ productivity by cutting in half the average time to repair and style a document. Over 75 percent of the AM Law 150 and more than 50 international law firms use it today. Litera Microsystems supports more than 650 document-intensive organisations across the globe, helping them satisfy the complex demands of clients and regulators.


Locations & contacts

Main office
1 Primrose street

Dale Levine
EMEA account director
0203 890 2924

Jane Hastings
EMEA account director
0203 884 2433