The partner law firms rely on to protect their financial future.

The market leading law firm cash collection system, ARCS has been trusted by the world’s most successful law firms for over 20 years to maintain a healthy cash flow.

The unique ARCS system helps law firms release cash to grow, reduces reliance on needless external funding and helps improve earnings.

Our clients enjoy full cash flow vision, reduced lockup, are prepared for cash spikes, can manage harsh economic climates, benefit from an improved matter-to-cash cycle and outperform rivals at home and globally.

ARCS has been the undisputed market leader in legal credit management solutions for decades and we are committed to remaining so with future proof solutions. We are devoted to law firm cash management, which is why we are so good at it.

Our clients are the most successful law firms in the world and their growth is built upon healthy cash balances – their success demonstrates ours.

More than half of the top 100 US firms and more than a third of top UK 100 firms are using our software.

In May 2017 Minisoft launched the ground breaking ARCS 3 version of the software.


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