SKILLSSANCTUARY is a training company that specialises in delivering business soft skills training to lawyers and law firms.  Research denotes that 85% of job success comes from well-developed soft skills.  With this in mind SKILLSSANCTUARY specialises only in delivering soft skills training and workshops. Working with our training company, enables our legal clients to develop all their business soft skills needed for their performance, career, business development and professional profitability.

Our training supports L&D teams responsible for career development programme, female fee earners leadership programme, induction programme and wellbeing programme. Offering this full service of soft skills workshops benefits lawyers at every step of their promotion, supports their regulatory continuing competencies, supports their wellbeing in the workplace and gives them the valuable competitive advantage needed in their industry.


Locations & contacts

Jannette Brimm
Training director
DD: 0207 406 7508

Head Office
Five Chancery Lane
Phone: 0207 406 7508