Accesspoint Legal Services announces: GDPR Legal Aid Roadshow events

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Over the next 3 months Accesspoint Legal Services will be hosting a series of one day GDPR events around the country. The first series of dates (listed below) will focus on Legal Aid firms and provide greater insights into what the GDPR means for them. The format of the day will be split into presentations on key topics and interactive workshops for greater understanding.

Topics covering:

What is different about LAA work for the GDPR?

What we can learn from each other?

Consent - A lawful basis for processing. Discussing the difference between lawful basis/consent and contract for processing and controlling data.

Data Processing and control (DPIA) - How do you comply with your client’s privacy expectations?

  • Mapping the journey of your data for processing and control
  • 3rd party agents
  • Sub-contractors
  • Barristers and experts
  • LAA

Mobile data – how to maintain flexible, secure mobile working practices – at court, in police stations, off site - reducing risk not increasing it post GDPR.

Data protection officer – when? how? what?

Explaining this crucial role and working through a draft job description and audit timetable.

How will you audit?

Destroying data and reporting breaches - Compliance with the right to be forgotten and archiving.

What choices do you have over conflict of interest?

What about legal aid billing and potential civil claims?

How will you know when a breach occurs? Damage limitation on breach reporting.

GDPR and innovation – how to build GDPR into your IT plan, improve your systems for delivering access to justice and be more productive.


Event dates:

Birmingham – Monday 30 April 2018 (1pm – 5.30pm)

Manchester – Monday 9 April 2018 (1pm – 5.30pm)

Bristol – Monday 16 April 2018 (1pm – 5.30pm)


To secure your place for any of the dates shown, please use the following link to obtain tickets.

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