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Downloadable and online resources about legal business services from LSN and our networkpartners.

  • Implementing a law firm records disposition program, from HBR Consulting

    Managing a records retention and disposition program is one of the chronic challenges for any organization in the information age. Businesses and government agencies of all sizes are seeking to implement or improve these programs due to increased risk of cybercrime and data breaches, the complexities of complying with a variety of data privacy laws and regulations worldwide that dictate how long personally identifiable data can be retained, and the desire to reduce their data footprint in order to cut back on their storage expenses however possible.
  • Five reasons to build your law firm’s IT security framework on NIST standards

    Law firms are daily targets for cybercrime and targeted data breaches. Criminals are keenly aware that law firms can be a “back door” to valuable confidential data, such as trade secrets, intellectual property and financial information related to potential business deals. In fact, 23 percent of law firms reported that they have been the victim of a data breach at some point, according to the ABA’s 2018 Legal Technology Survey Report. Meanwhile, corporate clients are ramping up due diligence efforts to ensure their outside law firms are protecting their information with comprehensive information security controls. They also want to be assured their firms can quickly and easily respond to all possible compliance items or requests.
  • HBR Consulting discuss: How law firms and law departments can harness innovation

    In a profession enamored with centuries-old precedent, the term “legal innovation” has long been an oxymoron. Lawyers were commonly—and often rightly—perceived as too stagnant and tradition-bound to embrace radical change. But more recently, legal innovation has taken off, garnering extensive buzz in the industry.
  • Fit more billable hours in the day with DocsCorp

    Successful lawyers and associates are those who have more hours in the day. Billable hours that is. Billable hours are how law firms keep the lights on. Firms need lawyers and associates to reach their billable-hour targets, which can be difficult to balance with day-to-day tasks, unexpected time off, and life in general.
  • The new SRA standards, Alex Williams at Tikit discusses

    On 25 November 2019, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) will launch its new regulatory model – but what does this mean for firms? In essence, it will allow solicitors greater flexibility in how they work. It will remove many prescriptive rules and take the burden off law firms, meaning their solicitors have freedom to use their own judgement to consider how they meet the SRA standards.
  • Cloud prospects: Nick Hayne at Quiss discusses

    Nick Hayne, the data master, answers some key questions around cloud provisioning and managed service providers (MSP) relations
  • The Digital Business Report - commissioned by Advanced Legal

    The 2019 Digital Business Report – an independent survey commissioned by Advanced – explores the state of digital transformation for over 500 British businesses, both SMEs and large enterprises.
  • Five essentials for secure legal communications with Accellion

    Lawyers work with some of the most sensitive information of any profession. An attorney or client can damage the outcome of a case by mishandling a single critical document, and even a small cyber breach can bring down an entire practice. Law firms therefore are constantly on the lookout for easier and more comprehensive ways to manage these risks. You must defend your communications and data against hackers and inadvertent leaks, both inside and outside the organization. Lawyers frequently communicate clients’ sensitive information to third parties as part of doing business, and these communications need protection. In addition, your cybersecurity systems must keep pace with legal profession changes.
  • Protecting a law firm's global infrastructure with Cyber-DRaaS by Databarracks

    Magrath LLP is a leading practitioner of immigration and employment law services which specialises in assisting corporations and private clients to relocate high-value individuals around the world. Established in 1990, the firm has cemented itself as the legal brand of choice in the business immigration market and among its prestigious roster of clients. The organisation necessarily depends on a global reach toconnect with its dispersed and highly mobile customer base, which it achieves today through offices in London and Singapore.
  • Myhomemove improves home resiliency with Databarracks

    Myhomemove helps around 50,000 people each year to buy, sell and remortgage their homes. In 2011, they were the first UK organisation to attain an Alternative Business Structures license to operate in the UK. Today, they empower over 700 staff to provide an innovative, technology-led service to clients.
  • Databarracks: How an international law firm saves time and money

    Memery Crystal is a specialist international law firm, based in London. It specialises in three sectors; ‘Commercial, Media & Technology’, ‘Retail & Leisure’, and ‘Natural Resources’. In 2015, Memery Crystal partnered with the Chinese law firm, Yingke. The two work together to help clients across four continents and ten major commercial regions around the world.
  • Law firm risk teams organize to meet growing challenges says Intapp

    For several years, industry experts have called for a move to a centralized risk-management function in law firms. As merger activity intensifies and law firms look to lateral hires and international expansion to drive continued growth, they are faced with more complex regulatory requirements and conflicts considerations. Current approaches – distributed, ad hoc, and largely manual — result in an inconsistent application of risk mitigation strategies and cannot scale to meet increasingly complicated demands.
  • The modern CMO: Advancing marketing from reactive to predictive with Intapp

    marketing & bd
    Modern law firms employ strategies,initiatives, or investments that enable them to keep pace with rapidly changing client demands,market conditions,and new technologies.These modernization initiatives typically involve unifying people,process, and data.
  • DPS Software share the questions you should be asking your legal software provider

    Due to the sensitive nature of client data, Cybersecurity is especially relevant in the legal sector. Law firms need to know that their IT and Software providers are experts in this field. We have identified four questions on security you should cover with your legal software supplier.
  • Enable Business Solutions share 5 ways automation can improve efficiency

    Business critical documents such as client pitches can take up a considerable amount of time and hard work. A law firm can typically spend hundreds of non-billable hours each year creating client pitches. Automation can play a huge part in improving productivity and efficiency.