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  • Converge TS: Using end of life software - what are the risks?

    There's no doubt that technology is a critical component of many businesses functions and operations, and the legal sector’s no exception. Firms of all shapes and sizes increasingly rely on Practice Management (PMS) and Case Management (CMS) software - now mission critical to success. Using tools that empower and enable your teams can often be the deciding factor in achieving scalable growth and consistency of performance. Therefore, it's no surprise then that once you find a reliable solution, moving to a different software package, or provider can be the last thing on anyone's mind. When software becomes End of Life (EOL), it can be tempting to delay the decision to find an alternative. And while you might be comfortable with no additional features being developed for your software, it pays to fully understand the dangers involved in using End of Life software.
  • ADDS report: The biggest data security risks of 2018

    In terms of data breaches, 2017 wasn’t a great year. And despite our “glass half-full” attitude, we must admit the data security outlook for 2018 isn’t looking much better. Here are several risks to be aware of, and what you can do to stay safe:
  • HBR Consulting report: Law department artificial intelligence report

    In the fall of 2017, HBR Consulting (HBR) conducted a series of corporate law department roundtables in cities across the country. The roundtable discussions focused on the results of the annual HBR Law Department Survey, the leading source of benchmarking data for U.S. and global law departments across legal spending, staffing, operations, technology, outside management and compensation. Participants included law department executives from more than 50 companies, the majority of whom are in the Fortune 500.
  • Quiss Technology: Why outsource your IT support? Part One.

    The choice between outsourcing IT support or retaining an in-house IT team is a hard one, with both options offering advantages. The advantages are different however and which one better reflects your ambition and chosen strategy will help you decide which is right for your organisation. And of course, it’s not a straight either/or choice, with a hybrid model often proving the best of both worlds for organisations with an eye on future growth.
  • Free webinar from Cascade HR: HR Software Masterclass

    human resources
    Did you know that having HR software can help businesses of all sizes with GDPR regulations, such as having a central place for holding and controlling employee records, and ensuring that personal information is up to date through employee self-service?
  • Cascade HR - Are you ready for GDPR?

    human resources
    Are you ready for GDPR data regulations? It’s no secret that the General Data Protection Regulation is due to come in to force on the 25th May, replacing the current Data Protection Act 1998. But what will happen if you fail to comply? It’s likely you’ll want to avoid fines of up to €20 million or 4% of your businesses annual turnover.
  • Econocom predicts: 5 cyber-security trends that will be adopted in 2018

    With the cyber-attacks in 2017 and changes to data privacy legislation, IT security will be a major concern for companies in 2018. Here are five key trends identified by Deloitte in a new report called “Cyber Issues in 2018.”
  • Legal Workflow investigate: Is it time for a meetings Tsar?

    One of the things I don’t miss since leaving partnership is the endless round of meetings. Partners’ meetings, department meetings, team meetings, one to one meetings, the list goes on. Were they all necessary? Did they always achieve something? Was action arising from the meetings always agreed? Was that action always taken? Was it always followed up? In all cases, the answer is sometimes and sometimes not.
  • LEAP: Do today’s clients expect more?

    Do today’s clients expect more frequent and engaging interactions with their legal services providers, and how could this expectation be met?
  • tmgroup White Paper: Responding to Risk – How are conveyancers adapting to industry challenges?

    PropTech company tmgroup are pleased to share their latest White Paper 'Responding to Risk' – exploring how conveyancers adapted to cyber crime, communication and mining hazards in 2017, and offering practical advice on how firms can better respond to market threats.
  • The Business Instructor says 'Get out of the office!'

    marketing & bd
    Picture this…… It’s Friday. You’ve decided to set aside 90 minutes today to focus on growing your practice – perhaps it’s that new marketing strategy you want to implement, or you’re looking at ways to improve the conversion of enquiries into paying clients. You sit down to start. But then….. Clients call. Team members interrupt you. The inbox keeps “pinging” with demands for your attention. Before you know it, your 90 minutes is up and you’ve been ‘busy’ with other people’s agendas and made no progress of your own. Does this sound familiar?
  • Quiss Technology explains - The merits of a Unified Communications solution

    Still to be convinced you need a Unified Communications solution? No, it’s not a fashion or a trend you can ignore any longer. Unified Communications or UC for short is now a mature technology with a lot of advantages for law firms of every size and structure. It goes without saying that communication is at the heart of everything you do. Done well it will bring your people closer together; done wrong or left as it is, it can be a stumbling block to success. The right communications solution will enhance your customer service and encourage individuals to engage when they have a problem; the wrong solution will have them going elsewhere.
  • Don't delay, join LTC4 today!

    What do HUNDREDS of enlightened and innovative law firms, legal departments and law schools across the world have in common?
  • CascadeGo can help you manage your workforce more efficiently

    human resources
    Are you looking for increased HR functionality? Do you have less than 100 employees? If so then, our easy to use, self-service HR software could be the solution you’ve been searching for!
  • Tikit: Dear CRM agony uncle: I just don’t know if they’ve lost interest…

    Given that it’s Valentine’s Day – I have to ask – how can you tell when someone you’ve been close to has lost interest?