Accellion and OPSWAT partnership prevents data breaches and protects critical infrastructure

Accellion, Inc., provider of the industry’s first enterprise content firewall and OPSWAT, a leader in critical infrastructure protection, today announced a partnership to secure third party communications from malware and sensitive data breaches.

Every day businesses contend with phishing attacks that introduce malware and zero-day exploits to corporate networks. The risk of a data breach or compliance violation increases as employees rely on VPNs and home networks to access PII, PHI, and IP.

The Accellion enterprise content firewall provides organizations total visibility and control over the sensitive content employees share with partners, suppliers, and vendors. All 3rd party communications, like email, SFTP, web forms, mobile and others, are routed through a single conduit, so organizations monitor and trace every transaction. When organizations consolidate their security onto a single platform, they streamline their infrastructure, simplify the user experience and reduce costs.

As a leading provider of critical infrastructure protection, OPSWAT provides fast and scalable threat prevention across corporate content. OPSWAT MetaDefender Core applies advanced technologies in scanning, file-based vulnerability assessment, and more to detect, analyze, and eliminate threats and Zero-day attacks. For example, Deep CDR dissects files, removes any active and potentially dangerous content like a keystroke logger or macro-enabled Office document, and reassembles the file. In addition, multiscanning leverages the intelligence of over 30 antivirus (AV) solutions to significantly improve detection of known and unknown threats.

This joint solution ensures every email attachment, video, image, or other file from a third party is received by the Accellion platform and routed to OPSWAT MetaDefender Core for secure regeneration (Deep CDR). Files containing malicious code are quarantined and an administrator is notified. Files that pass are authorized for upload into content stores and ECM systems like SharePoint, OneDrive, and CIFS Shares. A syslog entry is created for every file activity, including all scans, for further analysis and correlation by the organization’s SIEM solution.

“As businesses continue to rely more on third party communications with customers, suppliers, and partners, they are exposed to increased risk from data breaches and compliance violations,” said Benny Czarny, CEO of OPSWAT. “This partnership enables us to protect more organizations better and faster where Accellion provides consolidated security and visibility across all channels and OPSWAT provides a powerful content security platform. We are very excited to partner with Accellion on this new solution.”

With Accellion and OPSWAT, joint customers:

  • See, control, and secure every sensitive file shared with trusted third parties
  • Regenerate content to prevent Zero-day, targeted attacks and malware from bypassing sandboxes
  • Consolidate security and visibility across all 3rd party communication channels
  • Scan for malware with up to 35 anti-malware engines
  • Prevent sensitive data leaks
  • Demonstrate compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and other privacy regulations

“Like Accellion, OPSWAT plays an integral role in keeping organizations safe when they exchange confidential information with trusted third parties,” said Jonathan Yaron, CEO of Accellion. “This joint solution provides critical content protection and threat prevention capabilities across the communication channels that connect organizations with the outside world. We are excited to work with a fellow industry leader in protecting organizations from data breaches and cyber attacks.”

To learn more how Accellion and OPSWAT protect sensitive data from breaches and threats, please watch our recent joint webinar: “Reduce Threats with Enterprise Content Firewalls and Advanced Threat Detection.”

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