Accellion CISO Dashboard Splunk app helps organizations detect and deter data breaches

Accellion, Inc., provider of the enterprise content firewall that prevents data breaches and compliance violations from sensitive third party communications, today announced an integration for Splunk Enterprise Security, a market leading security incident and event management (SIEM) solution.

Thousands of organizations rely on Splunk to modernize their IT security solutions and strengthen their cyber defenses. With the Accellion CISO Dashboard Splunk app, joint customers have a critical, real-time view into all file activity, provided by the Accellion CISO Dashboard, from within their Splunk Enterprise Security platform. With this information, security operations professionals detect anomalies, identify security incidents, and drill down to respond to those incidents. The Accellion CISO Dashboard Splunk app is available for purchase on Splunkbase.

With Accellion, all file, user, system, and administrative events are exported in syslog format for analysis in Splunk Enterprise Security. In addition, the CISO Dashboard lets CISOs and security operations teams:

  • See all file activity: who’s sending what to whom, when and where
  • Track every login, login failure, error, administrative setting or permission change, and every system event
  • Spot anomalies in volume, location, domain, user, source, and scan results
  • Leverage real-time and historical views for insight and analysis at the file level, the closest you can get to the content
  • Drill down to the actionable details, including users, timestamps, and IP addresses
  • Produce detailed, comprehensive, trusted audit logs; even file scans – DLP, AV, ATP – are logged and reported
  • Demonstrate compliance with industry regulations and company policies
  • Generate one-click compliance reports for GDPR and HIPAA

“Ask any cybersecurity, compliance or risk officer and they will tell you the value of end-to-end visibility across all content sources and paths is inestimable,” said Yaron Galant, chief product officer with Accellion. “With the Accellion platform providing Splunk Enterprise Security critical file activity intelligence like who sent what to whom over what channel, security teams see, track and respond to alerts and anomalies involving their most digital assets. We’re excited to work with Splunk in helping to keep organizations secure.”

To learn more about the Accellion CISO Dashboard, including comprehensive audit trails and system logs for Splunk Enterprise Security, please visit: CISO Dashboard.

To purchase the Accellion CISO Dashboard Splunk App, please visit the Accellion CISO Dashboard Splunk App listing on Splunkbase.

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