Legal software needs easy usability to succeed

Resource - 19/11/2015 : Clio, cloud technology, content updating, legal software, upgrading, usability, Practice Management, Practice Management

This resource was also featured as a Industry Analysis in the March 2014 issue of LPM magazine. To read...

Organise all your tasks with your new personal assistant: Clio

Resource - 06/11/2015 : Clio, personal assistant, practice management, tasks, Technology, Practice Management

Running your practice demands a lot of time and energy. So, when you start feeling the pressure, it’s time to hire a personal assistant to help organize your tasks, manage your calendar, facilitate billing, coordinate customer...

Automate your law firm: becoming a 24/7 law firm while working less

Event - 13/10/2015 : automation, Clio, webinar, Technology, Practice Management, Webinars

There are only so many billable hours in the day. Why miss a single one?

It has never been easier for law firms to integrate tools and services that do grunt work. Such tools free lawyers to focus on legal tasks. From...

Clio and Heads Up Compliance – a match made in the cloud

News Article - 17/09/2015 : Clio, cloud, heads up compliance, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management

Clio and Heads Up Compliance are excited to announce a new partnership, giving law firms in the UK the opportunity to take their entire practice into the cloud!

Clio is an approved supplier of the Law Society of Scotland and the world...

The progressive practice- the importance of branding

Resource - 17/08/2015 : branding, case and practice management software, Clio, cloud-based software, cloud-computing, Legal Practice Management, marketing for law firms, practice management, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

   Written by the Clio Team

It’s possible that you have just come to realise a cold hard truth. You, like many...

Clio teams up with The Law Society of Scotland

News Article - 27/07/2015 : Clio, law society of scotland, Member Benefit Scheme, Technology, Practice Management

Themis Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that they have partnered with The Law Society of Scotland to bring Clio, the world’s leading cloud-based legal practice management software, to Scottish law firms as an Approved Supplier in the...

How to protect your clients from hackers

Resource - 03/06/2015 : Clio, Cyber security, data protection, Hackers, Risk & Compliance, Technology

For years, law firms have been told that their technology is the target of unscrupulous hackers. The FBI has gone so far as to describe law firms lack of security as “...

Determining value: 7 questions to ask your clients

Resource - 28/05/2015 : Clio, legal pricing, value from legal services, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

Long decried as a holdover from a bygone era, the billable hour has become a wedge between law firms and clients looking for a clear declaration of value from legal services pricing. Driven by client desire for change and increasing competition...

Clio’s five quick tips for solicitors to increase focus and productivity

Resource - 20/05/2015 : Clio, focus, General, productivity, tips, Practice Management

Start with your priorities not someone elses

Do you spend your morning hours trapped in your Inbox? When you’re responding to emails...

Clio’s 5 simple tips for the LinkedIn solicitor

Resource - 06/05/2015 : Clio, linkedin, social media, solicitor, tips, Human Resources, Practice Management

Are you LinkedIn? If not, perhaps you should be. Consider this mind boggling statistic: there are over 300 million professionals on LinkedIn. That’s roughly the same size as the entire population of the United States of America.


Clio's 5 content marketing tips for solicitors

Resource - 29/04/2015 : Clio, content, marketing, tips, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

Marketing, you may have noticed, has made a monumental shift over the past few years - the traditional one-way marketing message push businesses largely employed has been replaced, instead, with the power of social marketing: conversations that...

10 tech mistakes that solicitors make

Resource - 28/04/2015 : Clio, mistakes, solicitors, Technology, Technology, Practice Management

You have a smartphone. You have a computer. You probably even have a tablet like most people. If you’re like most people though, your digital security is probably not so great. Unfortunately, unlike most non-solicitor types, the...

Why go paperless? Clio gives you the answers

News Article - 23/04/2015 : Clio, paperless law firm office, Technology, Practice Management

We’re often told that going paperless is a necessity for most modern law firms without a real examination of why, beyond “it’s good for the environment.” But really, what have the trees done for you lately? What about...

How to increase document find ability for your Law Firm

Resource - 26/03/2015 : Clio, document find ability, document security, legal technology, paperwork, Technology, Practice Management

Being a solicitor it means you are within a highly document-oriented profession, and prior to the relatively recent development of document management software, most of that data was sorted and filed in analog filing cabinets (in a perfect...

Clio announce brief building integration with Bundledocs

News Article - 20/03/2015 : Clio, cloud document management, integration with bundledocs, Technology, Practice Management

Always ahead of the curve, Clio has sprinted into 2015 with the implementation of major product updates, not only completely revamping both their Documents and Communications features, but also developing...