Digital resolutions for law firms in 2016

Resource - 06/01/2016 : blog, Conscious Solutions, content, digital marketing, google, law firms, marketing, newsletter, Marketing & BD

As the old saying goes, a new year means a new start.

Everyone knows that there’s no excuse in January, since all the resolutions that have built up over the year have already been pushed to the “new year” pile. Once the...

Conscious solutions newsletter July 2014

Resource - 28/08/2014 : BD, Conscious Solutions, CRM, marketing, newsletter, software for law firms, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

Yes, it's a new photo of me, me with my Google Glass on.  I got them just over a week ago and immediately took them to London where I was at three different networking events in the legal sector in three days.  I reckon they...

Residual client ledger balances - the COFA’s first nightmare?

Resource - 15/02/2012 : feature article, legal finance professionals, newsletter, Finance, Finance, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management

There are very few firms that do not have a problem, to a greater or lesser extent, with old residual balances within their clients’ ledger. For many, these balances may only be a few pounds or even a matter of pennies but, even so, they can cre-...

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