Ten top tips to ensure your bespoke IT solution is a success

Resource - 02/03/2016 : IT solution, mobile, platform, tips, Knowledge Management, Technology

The attraction of an entirely custom IT solution is that you get the perfect fit with your organisation. Like a suit from a tailor rather than off-the-peg you want it to accommodate your organisation in each and every area; even where you may not...

Clio's 10 LinkedIn profile tips for lawyers

Resource - 05/01/2016 : clients, lawyers, legal, linkedin, networking, tips, Practice Management

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social networking tools available for lawyers, thanks to its unique concentration of professionals prepared for networking. According to the American Bar Association’s 2015 Legal Technology Survey, 95%...

Top tips for legal firms moving to the cloud

Resource - 15/10/2015 : CIO, cloud, data management, Technology, tips, Risk & Compliance, Technology

1. Be open to new ways of effecting rapid change

If you are a CIO in a legal firm or a member of the IT team, you'll recognise the pressure on the one hand to innovate and differentiate and on the other to save money and deliver...

Dad’s Play - my top tips for surviving (and thriving!) as a working dad

Resource - 30/07/2015 : ambition, General, tips, working dad, Human Resources

Just over 12 months ago I became a father for the first time. I had always promised myself and my non-parent friends that I would not become one of those new parents who turned any conversation around in thirty seconds...

Top tips for PII renewal 2015

Resource - 02/07/2015 : Howden, pii, professional indemnity insurance, tips, Technology, Practice Management

You may recall my advice last year for a pain-resistant renewal. I hope that it helped you towards your least-troublesome Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) renewal of...

Dreading that difficult conversation with your boss?

Resource - 22/06/2015 : boss, conversation, General, morgan hunt, tips, Human Resources

Procrastination is the thief of time, putting it off isn’t going to help.

At some point in your career you will need to have a difficult conversation with your boss.

Whatever the subject you will need to make sure that you...

Five top tips for IT project management

Resource - 22/05/2015 : BrightStarr, IT, project management, tips, Marketing & BD, Technology

During the last decade of delivering a wide range of IT projects, I have enjoyed constantly learning about project management. Striving to improve the quality of delivery for clients is what really motivates me. I thought today that I would...

Clio’s five quick tips for solicitors to increase focus and productivity

Resource - 20/05/2015 : Clio, focus, General, productivity, tips, Practice Management

Start with your priorities not someone elses

Do you spend your morning hours trapped in your Inbox? When you’re responding to emails...

Tips on how to tell people you are an accountant

Resource - 18/05/2015 : accountant, morgan hunt, tips, Human Resources

How to showcase your personality above your profession.

For years accountants have been the butt of jokes; you’ve only got to look at the greetings card market to see how people love to have fun at the expense of an accountant, not...

Clio’s 5 simple tips for the LinkedIn solicitor

Resource - 06/05/2015 : Clio, linkedin, social media, solicitor, tips, Human Resources, Practice Management

Are you LinkedIn? If not, perhaps you should be. Consider this mind boggling statistic: there are over 300 million professionals on LinkedIn. That’s roughly the same size as the entire population of the United States of America.


Clio's 5 content marketing tips for solicitors

Resource - 29/04/2015 : Clio, content, marketing, tips, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

Marketing, you may have noticed, has made a monumental shift over the past few years - the traditional one-way marketing message push businesses largely employed has been replaced, instead, with the power of social marketing: conversations that...

Seven tips for presenting an air-tight business case for records and information management

Resource - 24/04/2015 : guide, Iron Mountain, legal and information management, tips, Technology, Practice Management

You know records and information management is important to every part of your business. It can improve customer service and help teams in different departments or locations work together. It can lower costs and improve business process...

Getting your message across is all important for your career

News Article - 07/04/2015 : management, Meetings, morgan hunt, recruitment, skills, tips, Human Resources, Knowledge Management, Practice Management

Meetings come in many forms and guises; there are those which are formal, incredibly well organised, everyone knows their place and is given floor-time equally or proportionately and then there are the more informal, disorganised meetings which...